Application closing date: 01/06/2021

Location: Our London offices in Tottenham Hale.

Employment type: Full time, one year contract.


Do you have a passion for building intricate and wonderful procedural animations in Houdini? Do you want to use your skills to explain science, instead of just using Houdini to blow things up all day? At Phospho, we use the power and detail of procedural animation to explain how the body works. If you want to work with industry and academia on anything from crafting vibrant microscopic landscapes to developing cutting edge scientific data visualisation, we’re right for you.


We are looking for a skilful and enthusiastic Houdini animator to join our growing medical animation team in London. We’re a small studio, so you can expect to gain lots of hands-on experience on a wide range of projects. A successful applicant can demonstrate most or all of the following skills:


Essential 3D skills:

-1+ years professional experience using SideFX Houdini, either in a studio environment or as a freelancer.

- Skilled in using SOPS and DOPS inside of Houdini, basic knowledge of coding with VEX.

- Skilled in lighting, texturing, and rendering cinematic scenes, specifically using Redshift.

- Comfortable with compositing and editing using non-linear video editors, specifically DaVinci Resolve.

- Excited to continue 3D skill development and learn new software.


Essential professional skills:

- Ability to independently storyboard and plan an animation based on a brief.

- Self-motivating and able to execute a project to a high standard from start to finish.

- Great communication skills, ability to synthesise project feedback and take artistic direction.


In addition, the following skills would be welcome:

- A background in a relevant life science field.

- Familiarity with protein structure formats, and visualising PDB structures using Houdini.

- Skills in using Vellum, MOPS, and CHOPS inside of Houdini.

- Knowledge of coding with Python.


If you feel like you have the skills we are looking for, please apply by sending your CV, a 1-page cover letter, and a link to your 1-minute animated showreel to


The work location will be dependent on UK Government guidelines regarding COVID-19, which means there is a likelihood that the successful applicant might need to work remotely initially. It also means interviews for this position will likely be conducted via video conferencing.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide visa sponsorship, so we cannot consider applicants that are not eligible to work in the United Kingdom.

About Phospho

We are a London-based biomedical animation studio founded in 2014. Our exciting client base is split 50/50 between life science industry and academic researchers. As a result, we produce animations and illustrations for a wide range of audiences and cover a variety of scientific topics, all of which are on the absolute forefront of scientific discovery.